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The Kelpie Dog - Selecting and Training

The Kelpie Dog - Selecting and Training

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THE KELPIE DOG Selecting & Training

This video training program “THE KELPIE DOG Selecting & Training“, has been described as the most comprehensive Kelpie training and breeding program ever produced.

Never before has three eminent Kelpie people such as Gordon McMaster, Joe Spicer and John Gedye come together in one training program.


Gordon McMaster OAM, sheep classifier, is acknowledged worldwide as one of Australia’s very best judges of merino sheep. He has Judge and classed merino sheep in

every wool growing country of the world. From the ice cold of Siberia in Russia to the dry desert country of South Africa. His enormous genetic experience in selecting and

breeding Merino Rams, Gordon has applied to his Kelpie stud WYREEMA which is considered one of the oldest Kelpie studs in Australia. Gordon is also a life member

of the Working Kelpie Council of Australia.


Joe Spicer and his partner Sharon Barry, Established the GoGetta Kelpie Stud. Joe has won five Australian Working Yard dog titles and many state and country sheepdog trials.

He is regarded by his peers as one of Australia’s very best Kelpie trainers. In his training demonstrations, his skill and affection for his dogs is obvious. A Kelpie trained and

bred by Joe will give the new owner a lifetime of companionship and service.


John Gedye and his wife Loris established the Scoriochre Kelpie Stud approximately 45 years ago. Since 1973 John and his Kelpies have had considerable success in trials.

John has a natural way of handling working dogs, but he mainly concentrates on breeding and selecting working Kelpies traits for owners of dairy cattle or for sheep work.

He is also an active member of the Working Kelpie Council of Australia.


These three outstanding Kelpie trainers and breeders have combined experience and knowledge base of 125 years!

Bill Robertson, author of, Origins of the Australian Kelpie, requested these three specialists come together for

the benefit of the Kelpie type and the breed.

Duration 82 minutes

There’s an old adage “Given time, a good trainer can train any dog to work stock”. However, while this is basically true, time and effort are valuable commodities that we

can ill afford to waste training an unsuitable dog type. Therefore, it makes sense to start with puppies that have heritable working characteristics gifted from their progenitors.

That is, the parents must be from good working types. Buying a pup from an established breeder is a good starting point.