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Dog House Training - Complete DVD Series

Dog House Training - Complete DVD Series

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An easy to understand, step by step video series that will enable you to become capable and confident in training and working your dogs in a proficient, effective and harmonious manner.


Ian O’Connell has been surrounded by and had a passion for working dogs since his earliest memories. Growing up on a beef and sheep farm, all stock work was done on horseback with a heavy reliance on a team of kelpies as most of the mustering and droving took place in rough, inaccessible terrain on a heavily timbered landscape. Working dogs and stock work has remained a significant factor in his life for over half a century. In 1996 Ian was instrumental in the creation and development of the Australian Kelpie Muster in Casterton. He has sold dogs at the Casterton Auction on 14 occasions having topped the sale on 9 of those years and making 2nd highest price on the remaining 5 years. He has had considerable success at trialling, both with sheep and cattle including winning 7 State Championships. Ian has also been called upon to judge 5 state championships and 2 Australian Yard Dog Championships. As well as running his own property at the foothills of the Grampians, for many years Ian has also conducted dog handling schools including all R.I.S.T working dog related courses and also holds private clinics all around South East Australia. Ian believes that working dogs have made an enormous contribution to our nation and as such deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and fairness.


Celeste was raised on a farming property just east of picturesque Dunkeld in Victoria’s Western District. Despite moving to Perth with her family at a young age, Celeste’s love of the land, livestock and working dogs never wained which becomes obvious when you hear the lyrics and melodies that are entrenched in her music as one half of the renowned Sunny Cowgirls. For the last 10 years whenever Celeste is not touring the country with sister Sophie, she can be found working with Ian in everyday farm duties but in particular anything to do with the kelpies, whether thats training pups, helping run dog schools or assisting in demonstrating the amazing skills of our little work mates at places such as the Melbourne Show, Australia Day celebrations in the city or to the tourists from both home and abroad that drop into the Hamilton property. Celeste’s calmness and pleasant demeanor make her a natural for working stock and bringing out the best in our working dogs.

Episode 1 – Basic Instinct

In this episode we will cover the basic instincts of a working dog, the most crucial lesson in farm dog training. Understanding why your dog wants to work, identifying natural instinct, the importance of the handlers position and utilising this instinct to practice in everyday work situations.

Episode 2 – Getting Started

In this episode we will make sure you’re physically fully equipped to train your working dog. A detailed guide to gathering all the training aids you will require and practical instructions on exactly how to use them. An essential lesson in getting the most out of your dog.

Episode 3 – Temperament & Leading

Now we’ll focus on different temperaments in dogs and how to identify them. We’ll also learn about applying pressure & relief in order to get the very best out of your individual dogs. Ian’s technique of teaching a dog to walk beside you is also included in thorough detail – an essential lesson in working dog training.

Episode 4 – Environment & Control OFF Stock

In this episode we will cover the importance of the environment in which our dogs live and how this plays a big part in having successful, happy working dogs. We address any issues that you might be experiencing and how to correct behavioural problems. We also cover the importance of having control of your dogs when there is no stock around. Basic control measures such as sit, stay and a call are explained and demonstrated in thorough detail.

Episode 5 – BALANCE Training Young Dogs on Stock and Health & Welfare

This episode is focused on training young dogs on livestock – how to start working with a young dog, introducing them to stock, using them in real work situations and encouraging and utilising their natural instinct. What not to do is also covered to ensure you give your dog the best possible chance to become a great work mate. How to care for our 4 legged little athletes is included in detail as well.

Episode 6 – Control ON Stock & Traits

Now we move onto having control of our dogs while there is livestock around – an extremely important factor to ensure a happy, stress free work environment. Getting our dogs to listen and be present even when their mind is on the job is taught and demonstrated in thorough detail. We also discuss the different traits our dogs can have and how to match these traits to suit our own individual enterprise.

Episode 7 – Doghouse Overview & Steering Commands

In this episode we revisit the Doghouse Training system and touch on everything we’ve learnt so far in order to refresh our memory and make sure us and our dogs are on track. A complete overview of the Doghouse. We also learn about steering commands and getting our dogs to work in certain directions when we need them to. Ian’s 4 steering commands and how to teach them to ourselves and our dogs is included in thorough detail.

Episode 8 – OFF Balance Training & Force

This episode sees us finally teaching our dogs to drive or drove stock away from us, instead of working with their natural herding instinct. A valuable tool to have in any livestock handling situation. We also learn how to teach our dogs to back sheep, bark on command and topknot. Teaching these forcing commands are explained and demonstrated in thorough detail.
Episode 9 – Distance & Paddock Work

In this, the final episode of Doghouse Training, we cover the all important distance commands. Teaching our dogs to give the stock more room and casting them out wider. Ian’s method of teaching dogs to walk backwards, which allows more distance while working stock, is also included. A guide to working out in big paddocks is also in this episode with some handy tips to allow a harmonious and enjoyable work place.


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