Logan A1 Whistle


Only 2 left in stock



Only 2 left in stock


The Logan A1 Whistle Versatile, lightweight and like all our whistles, perfect for all dog breeds. Precision engineered from a solid piece of high grade anodized aluminium – no rivets or joins. Perfect as an everyday dog whistle – or when you just need to be heard!
The Logan A1 is often chosen as a prize whistle or as merchandise for sheepdog trials.
Now available in Red, Blue, Silver, Pink & Purple

Weighs 7 grams; measures 4.8cm (1 7/8 inches) across at the widest point.

“I have always used the Logan A1 aluminium whistle. Hand on Heart. I would have to say that Logan Whistles are as good as I have seen. Good Quality Whistle and reasonably priced.” James P McGee, Supreme Champion 2014; World Champion 2011 www.glencreggsheepdogs.com

“The Logan A1 is light in the mouth and very easy to use.  An ideal whistle for those first learning to use a whistle.” Julie Hill, Scottish National Champion 2014 www.nethhillbordercollies.co.uk – See more at: https://www.thebordercollie.co.uk/logan-a1-sheepdog-whistle#sthash.FmaFuV3y.dpuf

***All whistles are sent in envelopes with tracking.*** 

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Red, Blue, Silver, Pink, Purple


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