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Stockmans Kelpie Stud was founded in 1981 using Scanlon and Glenville bloodlines.

Stockmans Stud was founded in 1981 with Scanlon and Glenville bloodlines.
Later we introduced blood from Avenpart, Karana, Karmala, Riana, Karrawarra, Barru & Gogetta to complement the original dogs.
One of our foundation dogs Scanlons Fred had a major influence on working Kelpies throughout Gippsland in Victoria and continued as an influential sire when he was sold to Scoriochre Stud for $2500 a very high price in 1984.
Stockmans Kelpies have been exported to several countries and every state in Australia. They are well known for their all round ability on sheep and cattle both in the paddock and yard.
We concentrate on breeding dogs that excel in the paddock as we believe too many breeders are just breeding yard dogs which are not much good if you can’t get the stock into the yard.
We want dogs that have natural distance off their stock, working on the edge of the flight zone, but will come in and force when needed.
Stockmans Stud recently sold a young dog Gogetta Chism for $10,000 as a work dog to a station in western NSW. His first 3 litters are working well so we might continue to breed from him.

*Allstates Tex* (Karana Scooter x Gogetta Glow) has been purchased as a big pup to continue our breeding program using Karana and Karrawarra bloodlines. He is a very biddable dog, very correct outside with free natural back and bark on command.

We often have started pups available and breed about 4 litters of pups a year.

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