About Us

Some ideas are born with great intentions and The Australian Working Stock Dog Magazine is one of them!! The concept and innovation to kick start the magazine was derived by Wayne & Mandy Flintham.
Wayne always found that there was something missing in the working dog industry, a place where people could keep up with the latest news, events, calendars, share ideas, stories and training tips / ideas. Wayne contacted a few people within the industry that he thought could help the project grow some legs. Like himself, Wayne chose people with a love of working dogs and a passion for the working dog industry. Together the magazine is now growing momentum with the help and support from the industry. The team at The Australian Working Stock Dog Magazine want to provide their readers with informative articles, in depth training ideas, news, history and profiles on current champions, while remaining accessible and true to the industry.

Wayne & Mandy Flintham – Publisher, Advertising, Marketing & Subscriptions

Wayne manages a beef research station in North Queensland. Wayne and Mandy are the co-founders of The Australian Working Stock Dog Magazine. Mandy has found a new talent with designing adverts for the magazine
To contact please email : wayne@stockdogs.com.au

Zoe Crouch – Writer, Articles, Trial info / submissions

Zoe was born on a sheep farm in Western Victoria. Her passion for working dogs was realized early on in her life and now Zoe and her husband run a small stud and spend weekends yard trialling. Zoe is also very passionate about photography and whilst an amateur she enjoys taking photos of dogs.
To contact please email : zoe@stockdogs.com.au 

Kasie LoSurdo – Design Director & Editor

Kasie has been involved with working dog sports for 20 years. First with sled dogs, and now sheepdog trialing. She lives with her husband of 20 years and two children in Sydney. Her other interests include motorcycle riding, permaculture and getting crafty, while running a small business and school teaching.
To contact please email : kasie@stockdogs.com.au

Annette Ross – Designer & Editor

Annette lives in Qld and competes in herding and agility with her border collie.
To contact please email : annette@stockdogs.com.au


Nan Lloyd – Writer

Nan breeds and trains kelpies for farm work, that are also suitable for Yard, Utility and 3 sheep trialing. She is interested in educating people to get the best out of their dogs and to breed the right type of dog for their situation. Nan believes stock handling skills are an important element in farm work for anybody. Nan is also a keen photographer.

Michelle Whyte – Contributor

Michelle resides at present in Central Victoria , she lived on a cattle station at an early age in NT, where her passion for working dogs began , and is starting out with her kelpie pup she has just recently acquired and will be out and about trialling in no time , she loves photography and camping